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SMACH Software

SMACH is a multi-model/multi-device extraction toolkit dedicated to the realization of accurate compact models.

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IC-CAP Platform Support Roadmap (Keysight Technologies)
Download Operating System File Type File Size Product Release
SMACH 2019 Linux installer Linux 64bits binary 77.8 MB 5.13 Download SMACH 2019
XLM License Server Linux installer Linux 32bits
Linux 64bits
Solaris SPARC
ARM armv5tejl
binary 203.2kB 5.13 Download XLM 2019
SMACH 2019 Windows
Linux 64bits
tar.gz 77.8 MB 5.13 Download SMACH 2019
XLM License Server Windows
Linux 32bits
Linux 64 bits
Solaris SPARC
ARM armv5tejl
tar.gz 198.1kB 5.13 Download XLM 2019

Software Products

SMACH is a software implemented into Keysight's IC-CAP platform. It is designed to be a generic platform for any compact models providing improved productivity to the modeling engineers. SMACH is a powerfull tool for parameter extraction of silicon BJTs,HBTs ,III-V components, MOS transistors, HEMTs, inductors, varactors and more.

Diodes, MiM, varactors, Inductors, resistors

Easy data manipulation

Easily Customizable

Easy to use GUI and wizards

Floating licenses available