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XMOD Technologies is a privately held company providing services and software to the semiconductor industry. XMOD is intended to provide the most valuable solutions for advanced electrical characterization and compact device modeling. In the semiconductor industry the compact (SPICE) models are the key link between the technology and the circuit design. With tremendously rising mask and other NRE costs, saving just one design iteration becomes critical with respect to margins and market windows can be reached before competitors. Therefore, modeling expertise is a key differentiator of fabless design companies : XMOD provides Fabless companies with a cost effective access to a highly skilled team of modeling engineers who can provide this added value.



Dec/11/2017: (YouTube) A quick overview of test chip and test key design services proposed by XMOD
Nov/09/2017: (YouTube) Contribution from XMOD to AKB: BIPOLAR Working Group (BipAK) 2017
Sep/08/2014: XMOD contribution to the DOTSEVEN project: The 70GHz LNA has been taped out, fabricated and measured
Apr/25/2014: Professor Zimmer is invited to the WCAM-2014 conference in Chongqing (China) (The potential of graphene for RF applications)
Apr/25/2014: XMOD Techologies (Shanghai) is on the website of microwave journal and on its way to promote compact modeling platform culture in China
Apr/22/2014: XMOD members are invited to hold presentation for ICTC compact modeling workshop on 12th. June in Shanghai.
Apr/11/2014: XMOD contribution to the RF2THz project: The 60GHz LNA has been taped out, fabricated and measured
Dec/18/2013: SMACH 2014 is available
Nov/05/2013: Visit new XMOD Office in Shanghai
Oct/03/2013: XMOD contribution to the common DOTSEVEN & RF2THz workshop at BCTM 2013 conference
Aug/20/2013: XMOD paper accepted at the ECC 2013 conference in Sanya (China)
Mar/26/2013: New XMOD paper about the sub-terahertz frequency deembedding methodologies at the URSI 2013 conference in Paris (France)