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XMOD技术是一家私人持有的公司, 给半导体行业提供服务和软件.XMOD旨在对先进的器件表征和紧凑器件建模提供最有价值的解决方案. 在半导体产业中, 紧凑的SPICE模型是工艺技术和电路设计之间的关键链接. 随着光罩和其他一次性工程费用成本大幅上升, 在竞争者之前, 节省一个设计轮回就能对产品的利润空间和市场窗口变得非常关键. 因此, 建模专业知识的有无对无晶圆厂设计公司是一个关键的区别:XMOD提供无晶圆厂半导体公司经济的, 附加值很高的高技能建模工程师队伍.



Dec/11/2017: (YouTube) A quick overview of test chip and test key design services proposed by XMOD
Nov/09/2017: (YouTube) Contribution from XMOD to AKB: BIPOLAR Working Group (BipAK) 2017
Sep/08/2014: XMOD contribution to the DOTSEVEN project: The 70GHz LNA has been taped out, fabricated and measured
Apr/25/2014: Professor Zimmer is invited to the WCAM-2014 conference in Chongqing (China) (The potential of graphene for RF applications)
Apr/25/2014: XMOD Techologies (Shanghai) is on the website of microwave journal and on its way to promote compact modeling platform culture in China
Apr/22/2014: XMOD members are invited to hold presentation for ICTC compact modeling workshop on 12th. June in Shanghai.
Apr/11/2014: XMOD contribution to the RF2THz project: The 60GHz LNA has been taped out, fabricated and measured
Dec/18/2013: SMACH 2014 is available
Nov/05/2013: Visit new XMOD Office in Shanghai
Oct/03/2013: XMOD contribution to the common DOTSEVEN & RF2THz workshop at BCTM 2013 conference
Aug/20/2013: XMOD paper accepted at the ECC 2013 conference in Sanya (China)
Mar/26/2013: New XMOD paper about the sub-terahertz frequency deembedding methodologies at the URSI 2013 conference in Paris (France)